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Calculator Me, How to Be Smart In Managing Finance

Struggling to manage finances, feeling that it is never enough even though it has been separated into its respective posts. But there are unexpected needs that must be met immediately that exceed the contents in the unexpected funds post, reducing the funds stored in other posts.

If this is the case, it is certain that you will not be able to save. What has been planned and has been determined in each post becomes a mess of what has been arranged according to the calculations.

How to make sure that everything is not reduced in its posts according to the existing funds? And even have an excess to use without having to disturb the post funds that have been arranged? There really is, which can help you not to be confused anymore in managing finances.

Here is the Calculator Me application that can help you in calculating finances and eliminate headaches due to dizzy calculating finances that are not finished.

Calculator Me is a multifunctional calculator that not only helps in calculating finances and strangely enough this calculator can also make your body healthy. But here we will explain the function of Calculator Me in helping your finances. What are the uses of Calculator Me I will explain below:

1. Wage Conversion Calculator
Making major career decisions can be frustrating, and at times downright frightening. Job opportunities may present themselves and it can be difficult to know when a career move makes sense financially, and when that move is merely a lateral step on the employment ladder. Knowledge is the key, and comparing income probabilities is the best way to determine whether or not a career move is warranted. But every employer has their own disbursement standards. Some may pay employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, calculating their employees paychecks according to an hourly wage. Others may put employees on an annual salary, paying them in monthly or quarterly installments. If you are contemplating a new job, comparing your present wage structure with a prospective new employer's is vital to making an informed financial decision. That's where the free Wage Conversion Calculator comes into play.

2. The Hourly Wage
People working to an hourly wage typically get paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This is the most common wage structure for blue collar and service related jobs. Employees under this type of wage structure are well aware of their hourly wage, and can easily calculate the amount of their next weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. However, they may not have as firm a grasp on their annual or semi-annual income levels. This can present difficulties when they interview for prospective jobs that have a different pay structure. For example, a builder who has worked his way up to the top of his profession may decide to apply for a foreman's position. While he has years of experience being paid an hourly wage with a bi-weekly pay out, the foreman's position offers an annual salary. In order to be sure he is successfully climbing up the financial ladder, he'll need to convert the annual salary being offered into a bi-weekly pay structure so that he can compare and contrast his current income with a foreman's wages. The free Wage Conversion Calculator makes that conversion process easy and trouble free.

3. Salaried Employees
Salaried employees may also have cause to compare two different pay structures when considering a career move. Typically, salaried employees are paid on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly pay structure. Transitioning from a familiar to an unfamiliar pay structure can easily disrupt a family's household budget. So, a salaried employee with a history of being paid on a monthly basis, who is considering a job with a quarterly pay structure, will find the Wage Conversion Calculator a helpful tool for maintaining a workable family budget.

4. Monthly Paycheck Calculator

How Much Do You Earn Monthly?

Each year has 12 months in it. The following table shows the equivalent monthly pay for various annual salaries presuming each monthly salary is the same throughout the year. The first column shows the equivalent monthly untaxed income & the second column shows the equivalent after-tax income presuming a flat 25% income tax rate. This table is only for illustrative purposes as people will get taxed at different levels depending upon their income, their family situation, donations to charities & other deductions. The income tax system has both progressive & regressive aspects.

Progressive: As income increases the core income tax rate can go up from 10% to as high as 37%. There are also  Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes, which combine to pay for Social Security & Medicare.

Regressive: Social security payments as a portion of self-employment taxes cap out at 12.4% of up to $132,900 in 2019, while the Medicare tax rate of 2.9% does not have a limit. Long-term capital gains are taxed at lower rates than ordinary earned income.

5.Daily Earnings Calculator
Most years have 365 days in them while leap years have 366 days. Few people work every day of the year though, with a 5-day work week being the most common schedule. Many employers also often give workers a week off around the holidays near the end of the year & another week of vacation or sick time to use in the summer or throughout the rest of the year. Since years have 52 weeks in them, a work year with 2 weeks off consists of 50 weeks. Employees who work 5 days a week thus tend to work about 250 day, less any other holidays & time off. The following table shows the equivalent daily pre-tax income associated with various annual salaries for a person who worked either 200, 250 or 365 days in a year. The more days you work each week the lower your equivalent daily income if you are based on a fixed annual salary.

And many more useful from Calculator Me. If you wanted know more just klik link that I just give it.

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